Community Plan

A plan for success.

Our collaborative Community Plan is the ever-evolving result of a series of public workshops and open houses. We welcome your input.

Pre-Application Phase


Heron Gate 7 Development
Public Open House Sept 27, 2016

Early 2018

Master Plan Start up and Community Visioning Sessions
Public Open House - Jan 23, 2018 Public Visioning Session - Feb 24, 2019 Public Visioning Session - Apr 7, 2018

Late 2018

Concept Plan Development & Study Inititiation
Carleton Studio Reviews - Oct-Dec 2018 HG Residents Meeting - Dec 6, 2018

Jan-Mar 2019

Concept Plan & Technical Studies Submissions
Public Open Hosue Feb 11, 2019 HG Residents Meeting Feb 12, 2019 Public Open House March 25, 2019

Post Application Phase

We Are Here


Secondary Plan/ OPA/ ZBA Municipal Review
On-Going Community Consultation


Municipal Approval Process
Planning Committee City Council

Master Plan

Places to Live

We’re helping to foster the continued growth and diversification of Heron Gate with a proposed 5,500 new residences representing a variety of housing types, including affordable and family friendly 1, 2 and 3+ bedroom units across a variety of built forms including towns and low, mid and high rises.


Places to Move

We’re proposing a series of new routes, to complement the existing public road network and further enhance shared-use between vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. In the future, moving through Heron Gate will be healthier and safer.


Places to Play

We’re proposing an ambitious public realm that provides open, bright, safe and green pedestrian connections throughout the community. A sprawling central park and numerous parkettes will offer the community an array of outdoor space to enjoy, and strike the perfect balance between the natural and built environments.


Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Secondary Plan?

    A Secondary Plan is a series of detailed local development policies designed to guide growth and change.

  • What are you planning for the site?

    To encourage the growth of a complete, vibrant, diverse, and sustainable community and enhance the quality of life for residents, visitors, and neighbours by developing new, much needed housing, new open green spaces and an improved network of connections.

  • How will this benefit the community?

    Our accessible Community Plan emphasizes safe connections and promotes a healthy lifestyle through a balance of natural and built environments.

  • How can I participate in the process?

    We regularly host public open houses and workshops and encourage all community members to take part in the collaborative planning process. Learn more about how you can participate, here.

  • When is the next public meeting?

    You’ll find the date of our next scheduled community meeting here.

  • How will this benefit current residents?

    A new mix of diverse housing types representing a range of affordability in addition to a large new central park and additional greenspaces and amenities will help ensure current residents have options when it comes to their future homes.