Guiding Principles

  • To reaffirm a vibrant community identity and enhance quality of life.

  • To help foster a future community that is safe, healthy and diverse.

  • To create focal points and gathering places for the community.

  • To design for flexibility to meet the diverse needs of residents.

  • To embrace environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

  • To prioritize pedestrians and support diverse transportation options.

  • To strengthen the quality, utility and character of open spaces.

  • To harmonize with valued aspects of the current community setting.

  • To engage stakeholders in a meaningful way.


Heron Gate is a complete, vibrant, diverse, and sustainable community that enhances the quality of life for residents, visitors, and neighbours, while harmonizing with surrounding communities.


The particulars of the development plan are always evolving but the vision remains the same – to emphasize you, Heron Gate’s community.